About Us

The American College of Coverage Counsel (ACCC), established in 2012, is the preeminent association of U.S. and Canadian lawyers who represent the interests of insurers and policyholders. The ACCC’s mission is to advance the creative, ethical, and efficient adjudication of insurance coverage and extracontractual disputes; to enhance the civility and quality of the practice of insurance law; to provide peer-reviewed scholarship; and to improve the relationship between and among the members of our profession.

The ACCC focuses on educating all sectors involved in the field of insurance law – including the judiciary, legal and insurance professionals, law students and businesses – on cutting edge, emerging, and critical issues such as best practices in policy formation, claims handling, and developing trends in insurance law and bad faith. To this end, the ACCC holds an annual meeting with two days of topical programming, publishes scholarly papers regularly, sponsors a symposium at a law school in the United States each year, and holds a writing competition with the aim of encouraging law students to immerse themselves in the challenging field of insurance law.

The ACCC engages in a rigorous vetting process prior to inviting a lawyer to become a fellow. We are proud that some of our fellows have moved on to the judiciary.