First Party Insurance Committee

Mission Statement
The First Party Insurance Committee’s goal is to foster, through written materials and arranging panel discussions at ACCEC events, an understanding of the key, emerging issues relating to first-party coverages whether substantive, related to trial practice or extra-contractual. Principally, the work of the Committee will concern property coverages; however, as significant court rulings may impact life, health and disability and other first-party coverages, the Committee will work to enhance and bring current policy holder and insurer understanding of those issues as well.  The Committee offers high-quality and current educational programs and materials for and by seasoned practitioners.  It also fosters a high-level and balanced dialogue among members on relevant issues in a way designed to balance the needs, concerns, and understanding of both policyholder- and insurer-side counsel.

2017-2018 Co-Chairs
Neil Rambin
Hugh Lumpkin

2017-2018 Committee
Bernard P. Bell
William Berk
Lyndon Bittle
Janet L. Brown
Barry Fleishman
Marialuisa Gallozzi
Christine Haskett
Douglas G. Houser
Christopher W. Martin
Edward Rudloff
Melissa Sims
Wayne Taylor
David W. Zizik

First-Party Property Insurance Compendiums
The First Party Insurance Compendium (Compendium) covering 50 states and the District of Columbia is a project of the First Party Property Insurance Committee of the American College of Coverage and Extra Contractual Counsel (ACCEC). Its contributors are all Fellows of ACCEC--premier attorneys representing either insurers or policyholders throughout the United States and Canada.

There are two editions of the First Party Insurance Appraisal Compendium, 2015-2016. 

There is one edition of the First Party Insurance Fee Shifting Compendium, 2017

ACCEC Fellows can view the Compendiums by logging into the site.

Selected Presentations & Papers
Coming soon! 

Past Co-Chairs
Neil Rambin
Hugh Lumpkin

Janet Brown
Bernard Bell

Janet Brown
Bernard Bell